Floor lamp

W 45 × H 135 × D 70 cm

You need:

  1. 3 ×  Connector (angle)
  2. 1 ×  Wooden rod L 120 cm
  3. 1 ×  Wooden rod L 80 cm
  4. 1 ×  Wooden rod L 55 cm
  5. 1 ×  Wooden rod L 50 cm
  6. 1 ×  Lampenfassung mit Kabel (4 m)
  7. 1 ×  Leuchtmittel
  8. 1 ×  Wrench
  9. 1 ×  Measuring tape

First read about the proper usage and watch the video:

How-to Video


Take the two short rods and position a clamp A 6.5 cm from either end. Don't tighten the hex nut yet.


Take the 120 cm long rod and position a clamp C for the angled connection about 22 cm from one end and a second clamp C just above it.


Now take the 50 cm long rod and connect it to the lower clamp on the long rod. The rods should have an angle of approx. 75 ° (not exactly). Pull the hex nut tight.


Take the 55 cm long rod and connect it to the upper clamp. Align the two short rods so that their ends are about 45 cm apart.


Make sure that the long rod is straight when viewed from the front. Tighten all the hex nuts. If necessary, loosen some clamps to realign the rods. If necessary, ask a helper to hold the long rod.


Now connect the 80 cm long rod at the top with the long rod. You can determine the distance / angle.


Tie a knot in the cable about 30 cm from the socket. Then fix the knot lightly to the end of the pole.


Wrap the cable around the pole.


Make sure all the hex nuts are fastend tight. Finished.